Periodistas en español – Journaliste rédacteur – Espagne
Periodistas en español est une publication électronique née en
2000 pour offrir un type d’information spécialisé dirigé
principalement aux journalistes actifs, mais aussi ouvert à une
certaine actualité sur les droits humains, les droits citoyens et syndicaux.
Journaliste depuis 1976. 24 ans dans la TVE (télévision publique
nationale d’Espagne). Actuellement correspondant en Espagne
du journal belge francophone “La Libre Belgique”. Journaliste
dans le quotidien numérique “Periodistas en español”, spécialisé
dans l’information internationale et le journaliste. Ancien
secrétaire général adjoint de la FIJ à Bruxelles. Actuel membre
du Comité Exécutif de la FIJ.

Europa en Suma – Journalist – Belgium
Europa en suma is a civil society organization mostly integrated by
communication professionals, economists and professors. We are a
non-profit association who wants to foster the idea of a united,
strong and close to citizens Europe. One Europe that, far from
clichés and demagogy, is a truly group of people who are ruled by
common rules, based on democracy and human rights. We
exchange views with lead actors in monthly meetings where we
debate initiatives with experts, social agents and politicians from
Spain and other member countries.
I studied Journalism in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where I had the
opportunity of spending a year abroad in Lille, France, as part of a Erasmus program. I
completed my academic background with a Master in International Relations and a
Master in European Union. My most important experience includes TV (Spanish Public
Television -TVE), press (La Razón), web (euroXpress), European
Institutions (Robert Schuman traineeship in the Audiovisual Unit
– DG COM- European Parliament) and non-profit associations
(Europa en Suma). Additionally, I speak English, French and
Spanish, and nowadays I am learning Dutch. In my spare time I
love reading political/historical novels, going to the cinema and
discovering the world around behind my Nikon.

Brindusa Ioana Nastasa (Germany, Romania)

Grapefruit Productions / Kantara Films & Documentaries – Film
Director – Germany
Grapefruit Productions was born in 2010, and was the product of
an Entrepreneurial Award. I received this award and business
training, which enabled me to start my own independent
production company, through which I can apply for grants and
funding. Along the years, I collaborated with other production
companies, and independent filmmakers, writers, animators, and
produced numerous short films and documentaries which have
participated at film festivals in the UK and Europe. Kantara Films & Documentaries has
been producing science programmes for ZDF, Arte Metropolis, 3sat Nano, 3sat Hitec,
for more than 20 years. Awards: GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Journalism Award
(2011), European Medical Journalist Award of the Association of European Medical
Journalists and Bayer HealthCare (2010), Journalism Prize of the German Academy of
Science and Engineering (2007).
Brindusa Ioana Nastasa was born in Bacau, Romania. She moved to the United
Kingdom to attend university. She graduated Media Production from Coventry
University in 2012. Brindusa received numerous scholarships and grants for her
projects. Through the SPEED West Midlands Placement scheme she was offered a
grant and business support to launch her own business – a small production company
called Grapefruit Productions. She received the Unltd. Millennium Award for the
production of her first documentary about a family of political refugees from Chile.
‘Dinner with Pinochet’ has been screened at VIVISECT Human Rights International Film
Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia and Marbella International Film Festival in Spain. The
Think Big O2 grant she was offered enabled Brindusa to create an educational project
through the medium of film that raises awareness about
teenage pregnancy, which was distributed at secondary
schools. The Peter Kirk Memorial Fund from the European
Union offered Brindusa a travelling scholarship in order to
produce a documentary about monastic life in the UK and
Romania. The result was ‘Behind the Monastery Walls’ and
‘Sisters in Love’. Nuns, monks and more nuns. Now, she is
working for Kantara Films & Documentaries in Berlin.

Krepsinis.net – Editor in chief – Lithuania
Krepsinis.net is a basketball website which was
established in 2001. Started from hundred unique
visitors per day Krepsinis.net nowadays has 50
thousand unique visitors per day and still growing. The biggest basketball website in
Eastern Europe.
Born in 1981. Started to work as a journalist in 1999 when
entered Vilnius University (journalism). Worked for several
dailies as a part time journalist, was editor of newspaper Sportas
and finally became the owner of Krepsinis.net. Sold the project
in 2008 and stayed to work as editor in chief. Used to be
Lithuanian youth chess champion, but like lots of kinds of sports.

CHALLE Mélanie
National Union of Journalists – Photographer – France
The NUJ is the world’s largest journalists’ union, with over 40 000
members in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – and active
branches in Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands. It is affiliated to the
TUC, and the GFTU in the UK. The NUJ is proud to be a part of the
international labour movement and is affiliated to the International
Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists.
NUJ members subscribe to a Code of Conduct by which they agree to produce no
material likely to lead to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race,
colour, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.
Freelance photographer for the last 5 years, I left behind my
studies as a marketing major in Paris, France to move to
Australia, where I learned my trade. Parallel to my personal
and artistic projects, I work as a professional documentary
photographer in the areas of travel, sports, art and social
issues. In the recent past, I have worked as a photographer
for Handisports and covered the Paralympics in Beijing. My
print work is also augmented by several projects which are
currently being developed as web documentaries.

CONTE Francesco
Frontiere News – Freelance writer – Italy
Frontiere News is a very young
online magazine which grew out
of the passion of a few people
passionate about telling stories about multiculturalism without any prejudice. In less
than a year, Frontiere News became one of the top magazines of its genre in Italy,
and now almost anyone in Italy dealing with this issue has read Frontiere News. Its
office is made of several professionals with different backgrounds but no particular
political affiliation.
I am a 30 year old Italian journalist and video maker. I am a
professional journalist since 2008, after working for TV and
press agencies. I am also author of two books, one about
Brazil and one about Libya, and script writer for several short
movies, two theatre plays and one documentary. I’m a
graduate cum laude of Political Science and Philosophy.

Sport Handicaps – Directeur de la rédaction / Journaliste – France
Sport Handicaps édite le premier site d’information sportive francophone dédié au
handicap : Sportethandicaps.com. Lancé en 2008, ce site est aujourd’hui une
référence dans le domaine du handisport et du sport adapté. Partenaire de la
Fédération Française Handisport ce média rend compte de l’actualité nationale et
Journaliste spécialisé dans le handisport. Tire son expérience d’une carrière
d’entraîneur de haut niveau en athlétisme handisport achevée en 2005 après avoir
accompagné de nombreux athlètes en équipe de France dans
le cadre de championnats d’Europe, du Monde et des Jeux
Paralympiques d’Athènes. Écrit depuis pour différents supports
spécialisés dans le sport et le handicap. A créé en 2008 le
premier site internet francophone d’information sportive dédié
au handicap : Sportethandicaps.com. A couvert de nombreux
évènements sportifs dont les Jeux Paralympiques de Pékin et
de Londres.

FAIGL Zoltan
Hvg.hu – Journalist – Hungary
HVG.HU is one of the leading on-line news portals, though is in
close connection with HVG weekly newspaper, working with
separate editorial office.
I graduated from University of Szeged – Communication and
Media Arts, in year 2012. I started to work as an on-line
journalist since few years, however I took practice earlier also
in radio and television. I’m trying to take advantage from –
similar to MARS program, possibilities, where I can share
experiences with other journalists at international level, and
with this, building relationships.

Periodistas en Español – Editorial staff – Spain
Periodistas en español est une publication électronique née
en 2000 pour offrir un type d’information spécialisé destiné
principalement aux journalistes actifs, mais aussi ouvert à
une certaine actualité sur les droits humains, les droits citoyens et syndicaux.
Academic Profile: Complutense University, Madrid – PHD Psychology / Autónoma
University, Madrid – Master Sports Psychology / Alcalá University, Madrid – Sexology
Sciences / Master Tourism Activities and Business / Scharovski Institute, Buenos Aires,
Restorative Clinical Hypnosis / International Institute for Bioenergetics Analysis, New
York – Master Bioenergetics / The Writers Bureau College,
Manchester, U.K. – Freelance Journalism. Professional Profile
(at present): Press Relations person to NGO Embracing the
World, Madrid. / Editorial Staff at Periodistas en Español.
http://www.periodistas-es.org. Freelance to Ecological Magazines:
The Ecologist for Spain and Latin America / The Ecologist, U.K.
/ Vida Sana (Healthy Life) / Verdemente / Espacio Humano
(Human Space) / Coplanet / Instituto de Indología. (Indology

Association of European Journalists – President – Bulgaria
AEJ Bulgaria is a member of the international Association of
European Journalists , which gathers journalists from 30 countries.
Across Europe, the AEJ brings together individual journalists
through their membership of national sections. As an independent
and self-funding association, AEJ promotes critical journalism in
the European integration process; and defend the freedom of
information and freedom of the press in Europe. The AEJ offers
journalists the chance to be part of our professional and social network. The association
is an official Observer in the Council of Europe’s Media Steering Committee.
Kristina Hristova is the founder and currently president of the
Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria. Founder of
Evropa.Dnevnik.bg, the web site of Dnevnik Daily, dedicated on
EU issues, Kristina is currently its manager. For her work as
journalist, she has been awarded three times by the
Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria, with
Robert Schuman Award for Journalism, category Internet.
Kristina studied International Relations in Sofia, and Political
science and Political Sociology in Paris.

ZDF – Freelance journalist – Germany
ZDFsport.de is the sports website of one of the largest
broadcasters in Europe, Second German Television (ZDF). It
compliments the TV programme with a lot of background
information, statistics, livescores, commentary and anything else.
It is located in Mainz and has most of its departments there, in a
separate “media city” with around 2000 people going in and out
every day. ZDF has a strong new media approach and is one of the most active TV
stations on social media channels. It showed its passion for sport by purchasing the
rights for the UEFA Champions League this year.
After my A-Levels in Germany I studied a BA in history and journalism at the
University of Gießen. Meanwhile, I played wheelchair
basketball in the highest German division and could celebrate
the win of several national championships, national cups and
the Champions League. I used to write for four different print
media during eight years, made an internship with
ZDFsport.de and worked for Cologne-based broadcaster WDR
in radio, TV and online departments for half a year. I recently
graduated from Birmingham City University with an MA in
International Journalism.

IPS / Agence Alter – Journaliste – Belgique
IPS est une
agence de
presse qui
diffuse quotidiennement des articles en français et en néerlandais vers des médias
imprimés ou des sites internet. Ses journalistes s’appuient sur la production de quelque
350 correspondants, installés dans 150 pays, et rédigent également leurs propres
dépêches. La plupart des articles sont axés sur l’Afrique, l’Asie ou l’Amérique latine. IPS
s’intéresse particulièrement aux thématiques liées à la mondialisation, à la situation des
minorités, à l’environnement et au développement.
Journaliste professionnel (AJP.be) pour l’agence IPS News et Alter,
correspondant belge du Courrier international.

LE GALL Gwenaëlle
SNJ CGT – Journaliste TV – France
Le SNJ CGT est un syndicat de journalistes, qui s’intéresse à la
défense des intérêts individuels et collectifs des salariés. Un
syndicalisme qui participe à la construction de solidarités entre les
journalistes d’une même rédaction, mais aussi entre les salariés d’une
même entreprise d’information, d’un même groupe, bref, de tous les
secteurs, privé ou public, parce qu’ils relèvent tous du même statut,
de la même convention collective. Un syndicalisme qui défende la
liberté d’informer et la liberté d’expression dans notre pays, en Europe et dans le
I started to work as a journalist in 2004. First I was International News Coordinator in
BFM TV, a French private channel (Watching & analyzing all International pictures from
AP, Reuters and Eurovision agencies) and then in France24 (24 hours International news
channel in French and English). I finally worked at France24 as a chief editor (In charge
of two daily flagship shows in English and French «The France 24 Interview» with
prestigious guests (Head of States, artists, writers). Nowadays I work as a Freelance
chief editor on direct news shows.

National Union of Journalists – New Media specialist – Ireland
The NUJ is the world’s largest journalists’ union, with over 40 000
members in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – and active
branches in Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands. It is affiliated to the
TUC, and the GFTU in the UK. The NUJ is proud to be a part of the
international labour movement and is affiliated to the International
Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists.
NUJ members subscribe to a Code of Conduct by which they agree to produce no
material likely to lead to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race,
colour, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.
I am a freelance journalist who works across a number of publications in Ireland,
Scotland and Spain. Much of my work appears exclusively on my own site:
http://www.philmacgiollabhain.ie. I have been a print journalist for
over 20 years and I started blogging in 2007. Much of my
output is now exclusively online. I have won awards for my
blog on Scottish football in 2011 and 2011 (winning the best
journalist category in both years). I am from Glasgow and an
Irish citizen. Much of my work focuses on how football identity
in Scotland is a vehicle of anti-Irish racism. I live in Ireland
and I also written on the abuse of black players in Irish soccer.

NDONG OBAMA Pedro Nolasco
ASOLPEGE-Libre – Journaliste – Espagne
ASOLPEGE-Libre, basada en el exilio, es la única
asociación de prensa de Guinea Ecuatorial que
lucha, promueve y defiende la libertad de
prensa y de expresión en el país.
Está integrada por la casi totalidad de los periodistas guineanos que viven en el exilio y
otros del interior, todos en paro técnico por falta de un espacio propio a la creación de la
prensa independiente.
PEDRO NOLASCO, periodista de Guinea Ecuatorial, obligado al exilio por la violencia
política del régimen autoritario de Teodoro Obiang, en el poder desde 1979. En medio de
la generación perdida [como gusta llamar el mismo Nolasco a quines han nacido y
crecido bajo las dictaduras de tío y sobrino, que dirigen el país desde 1968], éste
profesional intentó forjar, junto a muy pocos compañeros – igualmente huidos de la
violencia política – una prensa independiente, libre y plural, después de que el país se
proclamó democrático a finales de 1991. Crearon la Asociación de la Prensa de Guinea
Ecuatorial (ASOPGE), hoy institucionalizado por el régimen y arrancaron del sistema
preceptivas autorizaciones de cabeceras para desarrollar la prensa independiente. Sin
embargo, el nacimiento de los periódicos El Sol (1994), La Opinión y El Tiempo (1999) y
La Nación (2000), no hizo sino incendiar la ira del régimen contra los modestos
profesionales de la prensa independiente. En 2002, abandonó el país tras recibir varias
amenazas de muerte. Desde el exilio, dirige la ASOLPEGE-Libre, Asociación para la
Libertad de Prensa y de Expresión en Guinea Ecuatorial. Free Lance, editor, articulista
y columnista. Es Corresponsal de Reporteros Sin Fronteras (RSF). Cofundador y
miembro de l’Organissation des Médias d’Afrique Central (OMAC). Miembro de l’Union
des Editeurs de la Presse Privé d’Afrique Central (UEPPAC), de la Asociación de la Prensa
Hispanoamericana (APHI), de la Unió de Periodistes Valencians y de la Federación de
Asociaciones de Periodistas de España (FAPE). Finalista en dos ocasiones a los premios
de la Libertad de Prensa, Nolasco ha colaborado con numerosas publicaciones
extranjeras y tiene el Premio al Mejor Periodista de Guinea Ecuatorial. Es autor del Plan
2001, el denominado Plan Nolasco, sobre la Revolución Científica y Técnica Profesional
de la Prensa Guineana y ha publicado numerosos informes sobre la situación de la
libertad de prensa y de expresión en Guinea Ecuatorial. Con más de 2000 artículos
publicados en diferentes medios, éste militante por la libertad y la democracia, y
activista político miembro del Comité de Exilio de Fuerza Demócrata Republicana, FDR
[partido proscrito por el régimen guineano], tiene acumulada
experiencia en temas de política internacional y ha sido ponente
en numerosos seminarios y conferencias internacionales, y
concedida entrevistas a importantes medios de comunicación
social del mundo. En España intenta poner en marcha la
cabecera EL MUNI, periódico que se dedicaría fundamentalmente
a temas subsaharianos en el mercado periodístico

RIIKONEN Maria Sheila
ABS-CBN Europe Ltd. – Europe News Bureau correspondent for Finland,
Russia, and Baltics – United Kingdom
Type: Public Company – Company Size: 501-1000 employees –
http://www.abs-cbn.com – Industry: Broadcast Media. TFC is the flagship
product of ABS-CBN Global Ltd., the leader in providing quality news,
entertainment, and other products and services. Today, TFC operates in the US,
Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Japan and Australia with the sole
purpose of meeting the changing needs through an array of traditional and new media
platforms adapted to each individual market.
10+ years in achievement-driven, results-oriented, fast-paced work environments.
Born in Asia, living in Europe, educated in both places. Travelled in 30+ countries for
work and study. Interests: Family, fundraising, organizational development, new
media, entrepreneurship, creative arts and culture, cooking, travel, photography,
sports, sauna, scrabble, and chess. Relevant Education:
University of Helsinki, Master’s in Social Science, International
Politics, 2000 – 2004 Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan
vid Helsingfors universitet Certificate in International Mass
Media, Finland, Nordics, Russia, and Baltics, 1997 – 1998
University of the Philippines BA in MassComm, Journalism,
Sociology, Research, Advertising, Film & Audio-visual 1989 –

France 3 – Journaliste Reporter d’Images(JRI) – France
After a literary baccalaureate, I started business studies and obtained a two-year
university degree in Marketing and sales techniques department and a master’s degree
Responsible Import-Export. When I was 18 years old, I was torn between journalism
and business and I opted for the second. This training brought me a lot, but it has not
met my full expectations. A few months later and with a little more maturity, I decided
to pursue an activity more creative, more open on the news and everyday life. I love the
fieldwork. Playing a role in the transmission of information, telling with images daily
ordinary or extraordinary stories, make this profession really exciting. With a university
degree in Video Journalist obtained after a one-year course at
the Bordeaux Aquitaine Institute of Journalism, I am now in
charge of realizing image and sound of news reports. I am
covering all kinds of events such as news sport, economy,
people, culture or politic. I feel comfortable in the audiovisual
field but still have to learn. My personal desire allowed me to
travel a lot in France and around the world.

VALERY Fabrice
France Télévisions – Rédacteur en chef adjoint – France
Le Pôle France 3 Sud-Ouest est né de la
nouvelle organisation de France Télévisions
en janvier 2010. Placé sous la direction de
Gérard Vallès, le pôle Sud-Ouest a pour missions la gestion des personnels, l’arbitrage
des moyens et la cohérence éditoriale des antennes. Il est constitué de 30
implantations réparties sur 25 départements et cinq régions administratives. Les
chiffres clé du Pôle Sud-Ouest : 3155 heures de programmes diffusés dont 1831
heures d’information* / 824 emplois dont 319 journalistes / 5 antennes de proximité :
France 3 Aquitaine, France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon, France 3 Limousin, France 3 Poitou-
Charentes et France 3 Midi-Pyrénées / 13 éditions locales / 12 bureaux d’information
permanents / 70 journaux d’information régionale hebdomadaires / 65 journaux
d’information locale hebdomadaires / 5 magazines politiques / 3
journaux en langues régionales (basque, occitan, catalan) / 2
magazines du sport / 1 magazine mensuel de 60’ fabriqué avec
le concours des cinq rédactions. (* chiffres 2011)
Rédacteur en chef adjoint chargé du web à France 3 Midi-
Pyrénées, journaliste depuis 1991.

VIRE Emmanuel
SNJ-CGT / GEO – Journaliste – France
Le SNJ-CGT, crée en 1937, est la deuxième organisation syndicale de
journaliste en France, avec près de 21% des voix. Il permet aux
journalistes de définir leurs revendications et de décider leurs actions.
Affilié à la CGT, il contribue à la construction de convergences et
solidarités entre les différentes catégories de salariés. Le SNJ-CGT a des
représentants dans les instances où se traitent les questions concernant
les journalistes, dans les secteurs publics et privés: commission de la carte d’identité
professionnelle, commission arbitrale, écoles de formation… Le SNJ-CGT est affilié à la
Fédération internationale des journalistes (FIJ) et à la Fédération européenne (FEJ).
Le magazine GEO paraît pour la première fois en France le 1er mars
1979. Il s’agit de l’adaptation du magazine allemand du même nom,
lancé en 1976. GEO accorde une large part à la photographie. Très
contemporain, GEO s’ancre dans le monde actuel, notamment au
travers d’enquêtes et de reportages sur l’évolution de nos sociétés,
les questions qui touchent notre environnement et les grands enjeux géopolitiques du
monde. Avec ses déclinaisons GEO HISTOIRE, GEO VOYAGE, GEO ARTS, offre une vision
encore plus large à ses nombreux lecteurs (plus de 330 000 exemplaires vendus chaque
Géographe de formation, je suis devenu journaliste en 1999 au sein du groupe Prisma
Média à l’occasion du lancement du magazine National Geographic France. J’ai ensuite
intégré la rédaction de GEO il y a 3 ans où je suis cartographeinfographe.
Syndicaliste depuis mon entrée dans la profession je
suis depuis mars 2010 secrétaire général du SNJ-CGT, deuxième
syndicat de journaliste et membre de la FEJ/FIJ. J’ai participé
aux rencontres nationales du programme Mars en novembre
2011 à Lille. Je suis très sensible aux thèmes de la non
discrimination et de la diversité en France et je considère que
nous avons beaucoup de retard en la matière.


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