Ana Blazquez Diaz (Belgium)
Europa en Suma – Journalist – Belgium
Europa en suma is a civil society organization mostly integrated by
communication professionals, economists and professors. We are a
non-profit association who wants to foster the idea of a united,
strong and close to citizens Europe. One Europe that, far from
clichés and demagogy, is a truly group of people who are ruled by
common rules, based on democracy and human rights. We
exchange views with lead actors in monthly meetings where we
debate initiatives with experts, social agents and politicians from
Spain and other member countries.
I studied Journalism in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where I had the
opportunity of spending a year abroad in Lille, France, as part of a Erasmus program. I
completed my academic background with a Master in International Relations and a
Master in European Union. My most important experience includes TV (Spanish Public
Television -TVE), press (La Razón), web (euroXpress), European
Institutions (Robert Schuman traineeship in the Audiovisual Unit
– DG COM- European Parliament) and non-profit associations
(Europa en Suma). Additionally, I speak English, French and
Spanish, and nowadays I am learning Dutch. In my spare time I
love reading political/historical novels, going to the cinema and
discovering the world around behind my Nikon.

Typhaine Urtizverea (France)

France 3 – Journaliste Reporter d’Images(JRI) – France
After a literary baccalaureate, I started business studies and obtained a two-year
university degree in Marketing and sales techniques department and a master’s degree
Responsible Import-Export. When I was 18 years old, I was torn between journalism
and business and I opted for the second. This training brought me a lot, but it has not
met my full expectations. A few months later and with a little more maturity, I decided
to pursue an activity more creative, more open on the news and everyday life. I love the
fieldwork. Playing a role in the transmission of information, telling with images daily
ordinary or extraordinary stories, make this profession really exciting. With a university
degree in Video Journalist obtained after a one-year course at
the Bordeaux Aquitaine Institute of Journalism, I am now in
charge of realizing image and sound of news reports. I am
covering all kinds of events such as news sport, economy,
people, culture or politic. I feel comfortable in the audiovisual
field but still have to learn. My personal desire allowed me to
travel a lot in France and around the world.


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