Jan Kampmann (Germany)

ZDF – Freelance journalist – Germany is the sports website of one of the largest
broadcasters in Europe, Second German Television (ZDF). It
compliments the TV programme with a lot of background
information, statistics, livescores, commentary and anything else.
It is located in Mainz and has most of its departments there, in a
separate “media city” with around 2000 people going in and out
every day. ZDF has a strong new media approach and is one of the most active TV
stations on social media channels. It showed its passion for sport by purchasing the
rights for the UEFA Champions League this year.
After my A-Levels in Germany I studied a BA in history and journalism at the
University of Gießen. Meanwhile, I played wheelchair
basketball in the highest German division and could celebrate
the win of several national championships, national cups and
the Champions League. I used to write for four different print
media during eight years, made an internship with and worked for Cologne-based broadcaster WDR
in radio, TV and online departments for half a year. I recently
graduated from Birmingham City University with an MA in
International Journalism.

Maria Sheila Riikonen (Philippines, UK, Finland)
ABS-CBN Europe Ltd. – Europe News Bureau correspondent for Finland,
Russia, and Baltics – United Kingdom
Type: Public Company – Company Size: 501-1000 employees – – Industry: Broadcast Media. TFC is the flagship
product of ABS-CBN Global Ltd., the leader in providing quality news,
entertainment, and other products and services. Today, TFC operates in the US,
Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Japan and Australia with the sole
purpose of meeting the changing needs through an array of traditional and new media
platforms adapted to each individual market.
10+ years in achievement-driven, results-oriented, fast-paced work environments.
Born in Asia, living in Europe, educated in both places. Travelled in 30+ countries for
work and study. Interests: Family, fundraising, organizational development, new
media, entrepreneurship, creative arts and culture, cooking, travel, photography,
sports, sauna, scrabble, and chess. Relevant Education:
University of Helsinki, Master’s in Social Science, International
Politics, 2000 – 2004 Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan
vid Helsingfors universitet Certificate in International Mass
Media, Finland, Nordics, Russia, and Baltics, 1997 – 1998
University of the Philippines BA in MassComm, Journalism,
Sociology, Research, Advertising, Film & Audio-visual 1989 –

Francesco Conte (Italy)

Frontiere News – Freelance writer – Italy
Frontiere News is a very young
online magazine which grew out
of the passion of a few people
passionate about telling stories about multiculturalism without any prejudice. In less
than a year, Frontiere News became one of the top magazines of its genre in Italy,
and now almost anyone in Italy dealing with this issue has read Frontiere News. Its
office is made of several professionals with different backgrounds but no particular political affiliation.
I am a 30 year old Italian journalist and video maker. I am a
professional journalist since 2008, after working for TV and
press agencies. I am also author of two books, one about
Brazil and one about Libya, and script writer for several short
movies, two theatre plays and one documentary. I’m a
graduate cum laude of Political Science and Philosophy.


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