Brindusa Ioana Nastasa (Germany, Romania)

Grapefruit Productions / Kantara Films & Documentaries – Film
Director – Germany
Grapefruit Productions was born in 2010, and was the product of
an Entrepreneurial Award. I received this award and business
training, which enabled me to start my own independent
production company, through which I can apply for grants and
funding. Along the years, I collaborated with other production
companies, and independent filmmakers, writers, animators, and
produced numerous short films and documentaries which have
participated at film festivals in the UK and Europe. Kantara Films & Documentaries has
been producing science programmes for ZDF, Arte Metropolis, 3sat Nano, 3sat Hitec,
for more than 20 years. Awards: GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Journalism Award
(2011), European Medical Journalist Award of the Association of European Medical
Journalists and Bayer HealthCare (2010), Journalism Prize of the German Academy of
Science and Engineering (2007).
Brindusa Ioana Nastasa was born in Bacau, Romania. She moved to the United
Kingdom to attend university. She graduated Media Production from Coventry
University in 2012. Brindusa received numerous scholarships and grants for her
projects. Through the SPEED West Midlands Placement scheme she was offered a
grant and business support to launch her own business – a small production company
called Grapefruit Productions. She received the Unltd. Millennium Award for the
production of her first documentary about a family of political refugees from Chile.
‘Dinner with Pinochet’ has been screened at VIVISECT Human Rights International Film
Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia and Marbella International Film Festival in Spain. The
Think Big O2 grant she was offered enabled Brindusa to create an educational project
through the medium of film that raises awareness about
teenage pregnancy, which was distributed at secondary
schools. The Peter Kirk Memorial Fund from the European
Union offered Brindusa a travelling scholarship in order to
produce a documentary about monastic life in the UK and
Romania. The result was ‘Behind the Monastery Walls’ and
‘Sisters in Love’. Nuns, monks and more nuns. Now, she is
working for Kantara Films & Documentaries in Berlin.

Mehmet Koksal (Belgium)

IPS / Agence Alter – Journaliste – Belgique
IPS est une
agence de
presse qui
diffuse quotidiennement des articles en français et en néerlandais vers des médias
imprimés ou des sites internet. Ses journalistes s’appuient sur la production de quelque
350 correspondants, installés dans 150 pays, et rédigent également leurs propres
dépêches. La plupart des articles sont axés sur l’Afrique, l’Asie ou l’Amérique latine. IPS
s’intéresse particulièrement aux thématiques liées à la mondialisation, à la situation des
minorités, à l’environnement et au développement.
Journaliste professionnel ( pour l’agence IPS News et Alter,
correspondant belge du Courrier international.

Melanie Challe (Fr.)

National Union of Journalists – Photographer – France
The NUJ is the world’s largest journalists’ union, with over 40 000
members in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – and active
branches in Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands. It is affiliated to the
TUC, and the GFTU in the UK. The NUJ is proud to be a part of the
international labour movement and is affiliated to the International
Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists.
NUJ members subscribe to a Code of Conduct by which they agree to produce no
material likely to lead to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, race,
colour, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.
Freelance photographer for the last 5 years, I left behind my
studies as a marketing major in Paris, France to move to
Australia, where I learned my trade. Parallel to my personal
and artistic projects, I work as a professional documentary
photographer in the areas of travel, sports, art and social
issues. In the recent past, I have worked as a photographer
for Handisports and covered the Paralympics in Beijing. My
print work is also augmented by several projects which are
currently being developed as web documentaries.


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