Zoltán Faigl (Hungary) – Journalist – Hungary
HVG.HU is one of the leading on-line news portals, though is in
close connection with HVG weekly newspaper, working with
separate editorial office.
I graduated from University of Szeged – Communication and
Media Arts, in year 2012. I started to work as an on-line
journalist since few years, however I took practice earlier also
in radio and television. I’m trying to take advantage from –
similar to MARS program, possibilities, where I can share
experiences with other journalists at international level, and
with this, building relationships.

Teresa Fernández (Spain)

Periodistas en Español – Editorial staff – Spain
Periodistas en español est une publication électronique née
en 2000 pour offrir un type d’information spécialisé destiné
principalement aux journalistes actifs, mais aussi ouvert à
une certaine actualité sur les droits humains, les droits citoyens et syndicaux.
Academic Profile: Complutense University, Madrid – PHD Psychology / Autónoma
University, Madrid – Master Sports Psychology / Alcalá University, Madrid – Sexology
Sciences / Master Tourism Activities and Business / Scharovski Institute, Buenos Aires,
Restorative Clinical Hypnosis / International Institute for Bioenergetics Analysis, New
York – Master Bioenergetics / The Writers Bureau College,
Manchester, U.K. – Freelance Journalism. Professional Profile
(at present): Press Relations person to NGO Embracing the
World, Madrid. / Editorial Staff at Periodistas en Español. Freelance to Ecological Magazines:
The Ecologist for Spain and Latin America / The Ecologist, U.K.
/ Vida Sana (Healthy Life) / Verdemente / Espacio Humano
(Human Space) / Coplanet / Instituto de Indología. (Indology


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