From 21. to 24. November 2012 the Council of Europe is organising the MARS European Media Encounter – Media, Diversity & Racism in Sport at IJBA in Bordeaux (France).

This Encounter will offer the opportunity to more than 100 European journalists to work in pairs in order to produce media reports in which non-discrimination and diversity will have to be considered as angles of media coverage.

Organised in partnership with IJBA (Institute of Journalism of Bordeaux Aquitaine), France Télévisions Group and France 3 Sud-Ouest, this encounter will host various media professionals coming from 23 European countries: 7 Days (Bulgaria), ABS-CBN Europe (Royaume-Uni), ARD (Allemagne), BABEL TV (Italie), Berzsenyi Radio (Hungary), BNR (Bulgaria), CCMC (Cyprus), Civil Radio (Hungary), DCTV (Ireland), Economedia (Bulgaria), El Mundo (Spain), Europa en Suma (Belgium), EuroXpress (France), Forbes Magazine (Bulgaria), France 24 (France), France 3 (France), France 3 Aquitaine (France), France 3 Bretagne (France), France 3 Midi Pyrénées (France), France 3 Limousin (France), France 3 Poitou Charentes (France), France 3 Sud-Ouest (France), France Télévisions (France), Frontiere News (Italy), Geo Magazine (France), Hvg.hu (Hungary), Indvandrer TV (Denmark), Krepsinis.net (Lithuania), Kursas Laiks (Latvia), Lakihegy Rádió (Hungary), l’Echo des Collines (France), LNRT (Lithuania), Magyar Liget (Hungary), Mejok (Hungary), Millesime (Romania), Near FM (Ireland), Novi Iskar (Bulgaria), Oltenianews.ro (Romania), Pakistan File (Ireland), Periodistas en español (Spain), Perspektivak (Hungary), Pi Radio (Germany), Piemondo.Onlus (Italy), Polgár Alapítvány Az Esélyekért (Hungary), O2 Radio (France), Radio FRO 105.0 MHz (Austria), Radio Mangembo (France), Radio Outre-mer 1ère (France), Radio Romania Oltenia (Romania), Radioexpert (Czech Republic), RAI (Italy), Respect Magazine (France), RFi / Radio Roumanie (Romania), RomMedia Film (Romania), Saphir media (France), Sega (Bulgaria), Sport Handicaps (France), Star (Cyprus), Sugarfoot Films (Cyprus), SvanfeldtMedia (Finland), Time Out Lisboa (Portugal), TV5Monde (France), WDAR (Ireland), www.periodistas-es.org (Spain), YLE (Finland), ZDF (Germany)…


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